Parish Dream Now A Reality
Article printed 1958~ King Features Syndicate, Click here for pdf of article.

“In Washington Township, NJ, just 23 miles from New York City, men of different faiths are working shoulder to shoulder to convert an old fire-gutted daily barn into a modern house of worship. When it is completed, Our Lady of God Counsel Church will stand as a monument to parishioners and friends who volunteered their services on weekends throughout the year to full fill the dream of Father Eugene F.X. Sullivan for a parish church.

Built by Volunteer Labor
With the exception of a few craftsman who were hired to construct the roof supports, the entire building is being constructed by volunteer workers who mix cement, saw timber, paint, and landscape the church grounds. Work crews of eight men each are led by volunteers from the building trades.

Will Serve Many Purposes
Completely modern in appearance, the structure will be rectangular, 34 x 100 feet, with an atrium, or open porch of 13 feet. The cross, to be protected from the elements, will hang from the peak beneath the roof. The porch, the only new addition to the remaining structure, will be the man feature of the building. When completed the church will hold about 300 persons. It will double as a recreational center and meeting house.”