This year with the pandemic our CARING TREE is needed more than ever. The families

of East Harlem are struggling but we can show that people still care. So, let us join

together to make their Christmas bright. With the CDC guidelines still encouraging us to

stay home, wash hands, wear masks etc. we will have to change with the times. You will

be able to find ornaments on our website ( as well as in a basket in the

Marian Center foyer. You can print out a page, cut out as many ornaments as you would

like, fill in the appropriate age, purchase the gift, wrap, and put the tag on it. Please have

all gifts to the Rackley Room before December 9th for sorting and delivery. Thank you in

advance and God Bless you and your family. Claudia Carroll (201-664-1679) Keeper of the

Caring Tree.

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