Mass Schedule:

Mass Link: Click Here

Daily Masses in the little Church at 8:45AM.

 Our Weekend Masses are 5:00 pm Saturday, 8:00 am, and 11am on Sunday will be in the Church. 

SUNDAY MORNING MASSES TV Channels are as followed:

Optimum Channel 77 and Verizon Channel 24 starting at 8am and running every two hours thereafter.

Sign of Peace:There will be no touching at the sign of peace.  A simple nod or wave is allowed.

Communion:   All communion will be in the hand.  When you come up to receive communion you may lift the mask to receive communion only. There will be no distribution of  the Precious Blood.  Priests, Deacon and Eucharistic Ministers will sanitize their hands just before and after distributing Communion.  After wiping your place after mass, you are asked to leave the church. 

 Procession:  There will be no processions at mass for the time being.  

Sunday Collection: The Sunday collection will take place with baskets placed inside the door of the Marian Center.  Please drop off your collection as you enter the Marian Center or as you leave. 

 Bulletins: Will be on the table in the Lobby of the Marian Center, ushers will not hand them out.   Please see the bulletin or web site for future information.  Please keep social distance while leaving the parking lot.

  There will be no social gathering as you enter or leave Mass.


Sacrament of Reconciliation:  At this time Use of Confessionals are not allowed by the Archdiocese.  If you wish confession you can arrange to see one of the priests in the rectory by appointment.  For confession masks must be worn and social spacing will be maintained. 

 Let us all pull together to make this slow transition back to normal go smoothly.  All of us must be patient and understanding as we go Through this process.  Let us all give thanks to Almighty God for this beginning of our return to normal.   

Thank you!