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Worship Ministries
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• Ministers of Communion
• Communion Visits to the Sick
• Lectors
• Liturgy Decorating Committee
• Sacristans
• Ushers and Greeters
Evangelization Ministries
• Committee for Evangelization
• Rite of Christian Initiation
• Men’s Sharing Group
• Women’s Spirituality Café
Concerned Care Ministries
• Compassionate Care
• Food Pantry
• Respect Life Committee
• Social Concerns Committee
• Finance Council
• Parish Council
• Sunday Counters
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Worship Ministries:

Altar Servers
Altar Servers are dedicated boys and girls, teenagers who volunteer to assist the liturgical celebrations of the parish. The role of server is integral to the regular celebration of the Mass and liturgical celebrations of the church. On Sundays, Holy Days and special masses, two or more servers are assigned to carry out the various functions entrusted to these ministers. Among the many things they do is carry the Processional Cross and Candles, hold the book for the priest celebrant, carry the incense and censer, present the bread, wine, and water to the priest during the preparation of the gifts or assist him when he receives them from the people at the presentation of the gifts.
Contact Fr. Ray 201-664-6624

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion
An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is a person appointed by the Archbishop or his delegate to assist the parish priests in the distribution of Holy Communion. These men and women are commissioned by the Archbishop to help the priests of the parish in the distribution of the Eucharist at Mass and to bring the Eucharist to the sick and the homebound.

Interested in becoming an Extraordinary Minister of Communion?
Contact Father Cinque 201-664-6624

Communion Visits to the Sick: Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Eucharist bring Holy Communion to the sick and infirm at their home, in hospitals, or long and short term care facilities such as nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, Veterans Home, and more.
Contact: Deacon Bob Glasner 201-358-8292

Note: If a family member is seriously ill and wishes the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick or desires a visit from one of our priests please call the rectory at 201-664-6624

A Lector is instituted to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture, with the exception of the gospel reading. He or she may also announce the intentions for the General Intercessions and, in the absence of the psalmist, sing or read the psalm between the readings. In the celebration of the Eucharist, the lector has specific duties which he or she alone ought to perform, even though ordained ministers may be present. Such designated lectors must be truly qualified and carefully prepared for this office, so that the faithful will develop a warm and lively love for Sacred Scripture from listening to the reading from the sacred texts. Interested in becoming a Lector?
Contact Father Cinque 201-664-6624

Liturgy Decorating Committee
Members of this committee help to plan the decoration of the church for the Liturgical Seasons so as to enhance and make more meaningful the liturgical celebrations of the parish. Interested in joining this group?
Contact Janet Glasner 201-358-8292

This is a group of volunteers who are responsible for the care of the liturgical vessels, liturgical books, altar cloths, linens and vestments used in the celebration of parish liturgies. They assist in setting up for daily and Sunday Mass. This is a great ministry for those who want to be involved in Liturgy and yet wish to stay in the background. Interested in joining this group?
Contact Janet Glasner 201-358-8292

Ushers and Greeters
Ushers and greeters are the first contact for people entering the church. These parishioners serve to welcome people at each mass and assist them in any way necessary to feel comfortable in coming to Mass. They assist people and families in finding seats. The ushers also assist in helping to keep the communion lines orderly. Other responsibilities are to invite members of the congregation to bring up the offertory gifts and take up the Offertory Collection. New members are always needed. Interested in becoming an usher or greeter?
Contact Father Cinque 201-664-6624

Evangelization Ministries:

Committee for Evangelization
This is the most basic mission of the Catholic faith. It means to bring the Good News of Jesus and his message into all areas of our lives and of our society. Evangelization is another way of saying, “The Gospel of the Lord”. We hear these words at Mass every Sunday, and we answer, “Thanks be to God”. When we say this, we are thanking God for the gift of our faith and we should also be thanking God for the opportunity to share it. Let us recall the specific mission that Jesus gave to his followers just before he returned to the Father after his resurrection. He told them to go into the whole world and tell the Good News. This is a real command from the Lord and it is for every person who has been baptized in Christ. There are many forms that evangelization can take, but the witness of our personal faith in the areas of our individual lives is certainly powerful. Home visits are also very helpful.
For more information contact 201-664-9130

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.)
This is a universal process by which the Church welcomes people into the faith. Most everyone knows someone who has come into the Catholic Church through a Catholic whose influence and good example moved them to ask: “What is it that the Catholic Church believes and teaches that can be so meaningful”? Parishioners are invited to look for persons who might be influenced in this way. Maybe you know someone who is not a practicing member of another religion. That person may be waiting for you to invite them to inquire about the Catholic faith. Will you do that for the Lord? Will you share the tremendous gift of faith with another? We have an R.C.I.A. team in this parish that is eager to be of help. You might bring your friend to a meeting to give support and show that you really care.
Contact Deacon Bob Glasner 201-358-8292

Re-Membering Church
This ministry is specifically for those Catholics who have been away from church attendance for any length of time, and wish to return to the Sacraments and live again the peace of Christ. They are given time in a non-judgmental atmosphere to tell their story, to ask questions and to find themselves welcomed. Who do you know who may need this renewal of faith and be re-membered (rejoined) with the whole faith community? Would you be willing to speak to them?
Contact 201-664-9130

Spiritual Life Ministries:

Men’s Sharing Group
This is a group of men of the parish who join together to share scripture and spirituality under the guidance of their spiritual leader Deacon Bob. The Men’s Sharing Group meets the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Youth Room in the Sullivan Center at 7:30 pm. All men are invited to come and join them. Interested in joining this group?
Contact Deacon Robert Glasner 201-358-8292

Ministry of Prayer
This ministry is meant for those who are homebound by handicap, illness or age. They unite their sufferings to the Passion of Jesus and offer their prayers for the intentions of their fellow parishioners, enabling them to feel more closely connected to the parish family. Interested in joining this group?
Contact 201-666-9024

Concerned Care Ministries:

Food Pantry Ministry
Members of the Food Pantry manage the collecting, storing and distribution of food, products, and monetary donations (changed to supermarket gift cards) from parishioners to help the parish needy. Also donations of prepared food from the Knights of Columbus when provided are distributed.
Contact Anthony Baldini 201-447-3695 or Claudia Carroll 201-664-1679

Respect Life Committee
The OLGC Respect Life Committee meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at a member’s home. The committee reviews pro-life information that is provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. It informs the OLGC community about this information and recommendations for action that the Bishops request. The committee keeps abreast of pro-life activities that take place in New Jersey and advises parishioners about them. For example, Monthly prayer Vigils for Life like the one that took place from the end of 2012 to the middle of 2013. The committee also put together activities which involve parishioners such as the “Spiritually Adopt-A-Baby Program” where everyone gets the chance to spiritually adopt a baby, give the baby a name and pray for the baby for 9 months. Then toward the end of the pregnancy period there is a baby shower and the gifts donated are given to Several Sources Foundation. New members are always welcomed.
Contact Maria Calamari 201-670-0850

Social Concerns Committee

This ministry channels its energies to anticipate, identify and help alleviate the temporal needs of the people of all ages within the parish and also beyond the parish boundaries.
Contact Anthony Baldini 201-447-3695

Temporal Concerns Committees:

Finance Council
By Canon Law each parish is required to have a Finance Committee to help with the managing of the parish finances. The Council is to be made up of members of the parish chosen by the pastor in consultation with the parochial vicar, staff members and lay leadership. The Finance Committee is to assist the pastor in the administration of the parish goods and finances.

Pastoral Council
The Pastoral Council functions as a consultative body to the pastor. The Council consists of members of the parish that represent various groups, ministries and activities from within the parish. The advice, recommendations and pastoral efforts of the Council are indispensible to the pastor. The Council is tasked with various projects and overseeing various committees that carry out ministry and activities in the parish. Through loving care in planning for the good of the parish, the pastor and the council seek to build up the Body of Christ and assist the faithful in the ministry of Christ.

Sunday Counters
These are parishioners who come in once a month on a Sunday morning to count the collection and prepare the deposit of the collection for the bank. Interested in joining this group?
Contact Father Cinque 201-664-6624

OLGC Website
Our website is updated on a regular basis with the weekly bulletin and with current information to inform parishioners and all who are interested in OLGC. The website is dedicated to the late George Don Devine, original website founder and longtime OLGC parishioner.